Food to Me

Food had been just apart of my survival; I didn’t have a close relationship with it till recently. I grew up, in a way, very against food. I would go a lot of night without food when I was little, not because I didn’t have it but because I was stubborn. I would sit at the dinner table for hours not touching a single thing on my plate because there were green beans on my plate. Sometimes I wouldn’t eat for days because my mom would save my dinner to eat the next day and still I would refuse to eat it, no matter how hungry I was

I am to this day a picky eater I have a things I like but the things I don’t like outweigh what I do like. I like to have control over what I eat and how much of it I eat. I have a two things that I feel like I couldn’t live without and they are Dr. Pepper and fettuccini alfredo. They are my one and only loves, when it comes to food.

Through food I have learned to not be outwardly picky. I’ve grown since I was little and have learned the nuances of table manners when it comes to one’s cocking. since I was picky as a child I would throw tantrums about the food I didn’t want to eat and that did not make the parents of my friends enjoy my visitation. I slowly grew aware of their irritation at what now I see as being rude, and was able to change my ways.  

Amalia Bruley


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