A Way of Expression

I love to try new things, from odd vegetables to unique dishes. I find it to be a way to broaden my horizon in the cooking aspect. Take it this way, an artist can create different things and be more eccentric when using more that just basic materials. Cooking to me has become an escape. Others go to the gym, biking, hiking, play sports, etc. but I cook for fun. Food has changed me and changed the way I look at things. It has actually helped me realize that it is very important to be sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. For starters it takes ten times better to cook with fresh organic ingredients than it does to use regular ingredients. Fresh vegetables are one big factor, followed by fresh herbs since dried herbs tend to taste like medicine. To me I feel as if cooking is an art and you want to be as pure as you can in order for it to be the best. When I took my Culinary Arts class I learned how to present food and make it look and taste as best as possible. I have noticed that people “eat with their eyes” and it can change the way you feel towards a certain food as well. Food presentation is an art as well. I enjoyed having to cook a 3-course meal in less than 45 minutes and presenting all 3 dishes to judges for them to taste and immediately love.

Alondra Alvarez


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