Homemade Heaven

Food matters to me. Food is made up of matter. Let me repeat: Food very much matters to me. Just like all things that occur in the phases of matter, food also exists as an organized composition of neutral, positive, and negatively charged particles. The explanation of how the positions of these particles affect the […]

Natural Foods

Growing up I had a great relationship with food but as I got older it became way more complicated to control. I wouldn’t say that food has shaped my life I would say that food has controlled most of my life up until now. I love to eat but when you become obsessed with food; it becomes nothing […]


Food has always been something social to me. I’m not a particularly social person– I have a few close friends, a boyfriend, and my family– but there’s something that unites all of these people; food. As soon as I go home to California, my friend and I get together to try to make some new […]

Many Worlds, One Stomach

Food represents life in all aspects, but It has come to represented culture and “the good times” in my life. Cake at birthday parties, turkey at thanksgiving, barbecuing on the forth of July, food has melded into American culture just like all the people that make up America. We are so lucky today that food […]

Food is Bae.

Food. Glorious food. Wonderful, delicious food. Food has shaped my life in numerous ways. Food has been my outlet to relieving stress sometimes and sometimes it was my source of nutrition. Food plays a very important role in my everyday life, not only because I need it to survive, but also because it also puts […]

Food & Me

Food seems to be the only constant in my life. In a way, you could say that life revolves around food. We work, earn a wage, allot time in our days just to prepare and eat food. And for one thing, I know I can bet on being hungry at least once a day. And […]


Food starts and ends my day, and without food I cannot survive. I would consider food a top priority for me, not only because I will die if I go without for too long, but also because I love food more than anything in the world. It not only calms the tummy rumblings, but also […]

Food & I

I used to hate food. When I was in my pre-teens & up until now I struggle with the topic.I believe it truly began when I was first introduced to junk food. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, my parents who were teens with little to no money, often struggled to put food on the […]

Foodie Foodie Fresh and Fruity

My entire life I have grown up to eating my dad’s food. He makes a variety of dishes, ranging from Indian curry, Filipino adobo, French fondue, grilled steaks, Chinese hot pot to racks of lamb. My father is a huge influence in showing me cultural foods and has taught me to keep an open mind […]

Oh, My Dear Dino-Nuggets

Growing up food was huge to me, I would come home and be so excited for my fish sticks, or Dino-nuggets, stuffed potatoes, tater tots, or french fries. It was the highlight of my day! My dad would pick my brother and I up from out babysitters house, bring us home and cook us up […]