A Trip to the Buffet

Food is something that is a staple to the human race. We eat it at almost every social event, we eat it when were sad, and we eat it to give us energy. For my family food is what bring us all together. My family is very busy and we find it hard to find family time. My family eats out a lot, almost every night. Our favorite place to eat together is River’s Edge Buffet at Northern Quest Casino in Air Way Heights, Washington. We love to go there on Seafood night, who does not love all you can eat seafood.

When we arrive to the buffet the first place that I go to in the restaurant is the desert table. I always get one a crème brulee, and a bite size carrot cake. I always start with desert first because it seems like I have no room left at the end. After I finish my tasty sweets I get a caeser salad to even out the sugar. By that time my dad says, “You better go get some real food and get my money worth.” That when I go in with the big haul and get a whole plate of snow crab. I like the snow crab because it is sweeter than the other crab. Two to three plates of crab and I am heading for the clams and oysters. Oysters are not really my favorite so I only get like three, but clams I can eat forever as long as I dip it in my tabasco/ butter dipping sauce. Usually by that time I am full but I still go back for another bite size carrot cake. My family and I wattle out the restaurants already planning our return.


-Michaela Kay #45


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