A wise man once told me…

My father once said to me “eat your oysters boy, they will make you a veritable sexual tyrannosaurus”. While maybe not the best thing to say to a ten year old, it does act as a very fond memory to look back on, and this is why food is important to me. Many of my fond childhood memories come from being in the kitchen with my parent, whether making cookies for Santa, or dinner for my dad after a long days work, and for as long as I can remember my family has made a point of eating together. The dinner table is where we would all share our days, and things that we had found interesting since we last communed. My father could talk about work and I could talk about school, we shared not only food but also our lives. This helped us grow closer not only as people but as a family. There are few thing I remember more fondly than the weeks of canning we would do at the end of summer. Preparing fresh peaches, pears, and applesauce to be eaten for the rest of the year. My parents taught me that value of not only making food for myself and eating healthy, but also how easy it is to bring a smile to someones face with just a little bit of work in the kitchen.


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