Breakfast Soup

Throughout my life in food I’ve had one constant contender for my favorite, if not most common, food. Cheerios. Whether honey nut or original I cannot say there is another food I’ve eaten more of. Any picture of breakfast time, of which I admit there are few, will feature me enjoying a bowl of cheerios, often along with a cat that really shouldn’t be on the table (shh don’t tell him). The simplicity of cereal mixed with the simplicity of cheerios caused this breakfast confectionery to take center stage for almost every morning meal. I couldn’t imagine growing up without cheerios and in reality probably couldn’t have. Life changed and so did I, but breakfast didn’t and it was always something dependable and accountable. It didn’t even have to be breakfast to enjoy this snack, plastic bags and handfuls of cheerios were common place in school lunches and family outings. But even after all this to say cheerios have been a large part of my life is a bit of a lie. It’s always been more of a silent player, or a background character in memory of happenings in life.

Though, like most things good things, my time with cheerios has come to an end. In college living on campus and eating at cafeterias available to me there are no cheerios. Though still a cereal for breakfast fanatic and advocate the fact of the matter is cheerios just aren’t offered. I doubt this is the end for cheerios and me but for now a definite pause. So I say goodbye to cheerios and what it means to breakfast for now and enjoy other cereals but nothing will totally replace them. At least I’ll get to have some when I visit home.

-Logan H. Sanchez


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