Eat Good

Food has always been a big part of my life. I feel that eating and cooking is the best way to bond with others. My mom and I love to cook together and she is an amazing cook so I take every chance I get to learn a new recipe.  My dad and I love food, probably more than we should, and we always seem to be eating together. We even have dinners in front of the TV while we watch the food channel. Ridiculous right? With my friends, we love to try new restaurants in Portland and Seattle if we have the chance. There are so many food options here in the city; it’s a pretty great place to live if you’re a food enthusiast like me. I’m surprised I don’t weigh 500 pounds.

My favorite part of traveling is trying all the types of foods that places has to offer. I went to Thailand a few years ago and we spent most of our time looking for new foods to try. Anytime we lost track of my dad we would always find him in a food court or really anywhere with a bunch of food. I feel that through food you can experience a culture in a different and tasty type of way. Honestly, one of the main reasons I want to travel the world is to experience different foods in all of the countries. I want to explore Japan and try all of their sushi, I want to taste real Italian food in Italy, and true authentic Hispanic food in Spain. Those are just three places for example, but if I was listing all of them this blog would never end.

Honestly, I eat way too much, but food is too good to give up. I don’t really care as much about eating healthy like I should, but I mean at least I go to the gym sometimes so I can burn some of it off. I feel sorry for those people who diet like crazy and limit what they can eat. Yeah their bodies rock, but their taste buds are suffering. There’s too much good food in this world to not enjoy all of it. I guess you could enjoy it in moderation but what’s the fun in that?

Lilly Saeteurn


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