Food, A Family Culture


My earliest memories are of food. Food has always been such a prevalent part of my life. My mom makes my family dinner every night, to the point of going out for food was a rarity. It was never a result of our poverty, it was always her hobby. A simple hobby of her, changed me as a person. Family dinners gave me ideals of family first. Having a nice meal with friends and family has always been apart of my culture, it was surprising to me to find that some families didn’t have dinners sitting down. Food has always been a way for my family to connect and come closer together.

Food has always been apart of my work. All of my work experiences have been with the process of selling food.  I’ve spent some time packing tortillas for a company called Three Sisters. I spent a lot of my time this summer being a checker at a grocery store. Both of these experiences have pointed me in a more negative view of food production. My heart and soul will always be in the simple process of preparing food for a family, and not the mass market.

I’ve always loved baking. I spent a lot of my childhood berry picking and eating jars of peaches and pears at my grandma’s house. I spent so many hours preparing desserts for my family. Food has been apart of my life, hobbies, and work. I would see my own personal family’s culture as one that revolves around food. I hope one day that I can continue the culture of the importance of family and how food brings us together.

Noah Capell


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