Food, Family, & Happiness

In my life, food has never been just a substance to nourish my body and give me life, but a way of showing love and happiness. Food has been a way of bringing my family together around a table, sharing the important events in our lives, and getting to know each other more personally. During Christmas time, my grandfather always prepares a turkey or ham dinner, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, and warm bread. My cousins, aunt and uncle come to our house and together we eat this massive meal. Sitting around the table we play card games, talk, and eat. Although we all enjoy getting together, my grandpa clearly has the most joy watching his daughter, son, and their families together. Just seeing him laugh and smile as he cooks a meal for us, makes it so much more valuable. I will always remember my grandfather’s passion for cooking and the joy he gets from making a meal for his family. We always joke about the restaurant he will own one day,  maybe a small family-friendly breakfast joint. In reality it will probably never happen, but just the thought of it entertains us and makes us happy to dream of. Food is crucial for human life, but it also has the capacity to bring joy to people. I will never forget the family dinner I’ve had with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. Nor will I ever forget my grandfather and the pride and happiness he gets from cooking for his family.

~Lena Rollins


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