Food in My Life

Food is a really important factor of my life. Not only because of the fact that it keeps me alive, but because eating is like my hobby. I enjoy eating and trying out different foods. It is something that I like to do for fun and on my free time. It makes me happy.

My mother has worked as a chef at a Russian restaurant and loves cooking and baking European style foods. She mostly cooks Italian, Russian, Lithuanian and Romanian foods. I can proudly say that she is the best cook ever, and that I am the luckiest person to have such a mother. Every single meal that she has ever made has been better than what I have tried at any restaurant or other places. Every day at home, we usually have a few different meals to choose from and this has been a really hard choice for me every time. Even foods as simple as salads are indescribable of how good they are. At least once a week we have friends and family that come over for dinner. For each Saturday, my mom makes some of my favorite meals or new meals that she may have never done previously at home and each meal turn out a blessing for me. Our family usually have guests over on Saturdays and most of the time they talk about how good the food is that my mom has made, which is funny for me because any guest we ever had has talked about it. Eventually the guests leave with a few of my mother’s recipes.  Food has served as an important part of my social life.

-Moisey Bezukhov


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