Food & My Health

Skyler Hayes

Ever since 2013, I’ve gad to think of food from an entirely new angle. At the beginning of he year, I started to feel increasingly sick: fatigue, lack of appetite, weight loss. My condition only got worse as the months passed, and I started to feel a discomfort in my abdomen. Eventually, I sucked it up and told my parents, who immediately scheduled an appointment with our doctor. He directed us to a GI (Gastroenterologist) doctor, whom we met with a couple weeks later. This specialist in the digestive system had an idea of what it might be; Crohn’s Disease.

Long story short, I had a colonoscopy, then spent three days in the hospital for more tests (as well as being extremely underweight). The results came back, confirming I had Crohn’s. Basically, there are harmless bacteria in everyone’s intestines. But when you have Crohn’s, your immune system mistakes these bacteria for attackers, and in-turn, inflames the intestines to counter-attack. The issue being the immune system doesn’t stop, leading to chronic inflammation.

I could go on paragraphs about what other problems the inflammation can cause, but essentially, I need to take medication to keep my immune system down. On top of that, I have to watch what I eat. More on topic, certain foods can cause flare ups, where the immune system attacks again. Things with corn syrup in particular are on of my “bad” foods. Greasy foods, while not as bad, must also be kept and a minimum. Raw vegetables, too. All in all, my diet has changed quite a bit since then. No more soda, less junk food, etc. Good news is, after a couple of rocky years of feeling sick again here and there, I feel that my health has finally leveled off.


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