Food Struggle

Food is the root to energy, concentration, etc. It’s important in general, no questions asked. I love food. I mean, who doesn’t? Everyone needs food in his or her daily life. It’s tough going about my daily life without food I want to eat. As a college student, I have no choice but to be patient with my cravings. I may have the choice to buy food every two weeks to last me so long but it’s the same food every time.

Attending college has surely changed the way I go about with consuming food and/or buying food. Going to school far away from home comes with a lot of sacrifices and food is one of the sacrifices I’ve made. The food I consume here in Oregon is different than what I do back home in Hawaii. There are not many variety of food for me to choose from up here as I’m so used to the taste of the food back home. Going from garlic chicken, teriyaki chicken, kalua pork (shredded pork), laulau (pork wrapped in ti-leaf), spam musubi, etc. to cup noodle and mac n cheese.

College expenses explain my struggle of the food I consume. It sucks but it’s the type of things I have to sacrifice for going to school so far from home. Here and there I eat more than cup noodles and mac n cheese but that’s hardly ever. If I don’t eat any of it, I most likely don’t eat anything at all. I’ll have one meal a day if anything.

-April Balisacan


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