Food left my life and myself in a negative state during the beginning of my life. In fourth grade I gained massive amounts of weight and I was left insecure and questioning this life changing event. I rarely ate out because my mother made these wonderful meals full of color. When I started to gain weight my mother was no longer a stay at home mom, she had just started her first job in over twelve years and it hit me hard. She no longer had time to cook her delicious meals and I had to cook for myself. My fourth grade self had no knowledge of what to make, I knew so little about proper nutrition or balanced meals. Kraft macaroni and cheese, dinosaur “chicken” nuggets with ranch-ketchup dip and sweets was my specialty when I was my own chef. I made that almost every single day for the next four years. I gained so much weight during this time frame and as high school hit and I discovered how meaningful food actually was. I saw what food can do to the body, how it can influence your entire emotional and mental state. I started to exercise and eat well daily because I found out the healthier I ate the better I felt physically and mentally. Not only did I start looking better (to impress my high school sweetheart) but I also felt as though I had more energy to do things. Food has had positive and negative impacts in my life but I saw it as an incredible learning experience. I learned the value of reading the nutrition labels on everything I bought and continue to buy.


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