Health and Tradition

Food keeps me healthy and that’s what I love about food. There are many good food that I can name that are very meaningful, but for me, there are two that are very special to me; rice and vegetables. I love the fact that food brings people together. Whenever my friends and I get together, we often make food together. It’s a way of showing each other that we appreciate each other. We especially like making food from Thailand. Making food from the country that we were born in brings happiness. Some of the food that will always in our meal are rice and veggies.

Rice brings back good memories, but it is also healthy. Eating rice has a lot of advantage when it comes to staying healthy and staying smart. In fact, what makes me healthier is that, we eat a lot of vegetables back home. I believe that this is one of the reason why my family is  very healthy and don’t often get sick. It is always nice knowing that the food I eat everyday is very healthy for me. I am beyond thankful that our tradition chooses rice to be our main food instead of some other unhealthy food like cheese, or sweets.

I am greatly thankful that there’s food in this world, because food brings people closer and helps us stay healthy. In fact, I am even more thankful that there’s rice and vegetables on this very Earth that we live in. Not only do vegetables keeps us healthy, they are also very tasty, can be cooked in many ways. For examples, I can either fry the veggies just by it or fry it with rice. In fact, I can boil it and it would still taste good; it can even make you very healthy if you eat it a lot. The fact that food has so much impact in us makes me realize we shouldn’t take food for granted.


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