How food influenced my life and understanding

My parents and my grandparents have been the most instrumental in teaching me about food. We hail from South India, a place where spices form a huge part of food, the food that I relate to the most, would certainly be something spicy. However due to extensive travelling, I have had the opportunity to experiment with various cuisines and delicacies that are unique to different cultures and destinations.

Food forms an integral role in one’s life.  It reflects one’s culture, ideologies as the food composition and habits vary from culture to culture. I haven’t been a huge foodie but experimenting with different cuisines has certainly been a great experience. I always assumed that the food that I was culturally related to, was very restricted but to my surprise, after I visited India, I realized that, my assumption was completely incorrect. Thinking back and recollecting that I ever imagined so, amuses me as their range of food not only was vast but reflected their own culture amongst such diversity in the country. Every state’s food is unique to itself and tasted completely different.

South Indian food is generally spicy and colorful and sweets are always made with melted butter and “jaggery” (traditional sugar that is made in India). After coming to the US, I certainly look back and wish I appreciated Indian food better, as today I yearn for the same food since I am not really a good cook.

-Gomathy Venkata Krishnan


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