I like pasta

I don’t think that food has shaped my life in any significant way. Obviously everyone—including me—loves food, and needs it to survive but I didn’t grow up very exposed to foods of different cultures, not because I never had the opportunity to, but because I’m extremely picky about what I eat.

Obviously growing up in South Africa means I do have different food to Americans, but not on such a large scale and to me it is so natural that I almost don’t think of it as different “culturally”. For example, instead of having a barbeque, we’d have a braai which is the exact same except braai is an Afrikaans word. Having a braai is the same as a barbeque, it’s mainly burgers, ribs, and common meats.

My whole life I’ve never been very open to trying new types of food, still am not. The only thing that I will always eat is pasta. I love pasta and could eat it every day of my life. I don’t think that I need any other food in my life because there are so many different types of pasta, you can never get bored of it. I’m definitely addicted to pasta; I can eat it at any time of the day. As for making and cooking food, I could not be worse. I have tried and failed and have now accepted that I can just make pasta and will probably live off it for the rest of my life.

Cheyenne Hodgen


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