Memories for Meal Time

It all starts will a rumble of the tummy that leads to the making of a list. That list full of different flavorings and items gets you on your toes to make that special trip to the grocery store. The aisles in the grocery store convince you that you can be a master chief and soon your little lunch time meal has turned in to a three course dinner with friends. Everything on the shelves makes you imagine the endless possibilities you can come up with. All the fresh produce and intricate designs on the packaging makes the purchase look like a masterpiece displayed all around your kitchen. Time to get creative. The flow between rinsing the salad, tasting the soup and carefully slicing the bread creates a relaxing dance between yourself and the element around you. As things get towards being done the smell start to fill your mind and every detail is consuming. A little something more there, a little dash here. The plate arrangements all full of color makes everyone stare, maybe even take a picture or two. Together everyone sits down and with mouths full, have the silent moment of satisfaction. This is when food connects with me. When a simple meal falls perfectly into the right evening to create memories for life. Through the process of planning for the meal, scouting out the food and blending all the recipes together, food has been instrumental to the shaping of my lifestyle and how I perceive the process of one simple meal.

By: Jessica Meylor



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