My dreams of food.

I love food, maybe too much. Food has shaped my life a lot. I dream of traveling around the world to eat all types of food, and meeting the chefs. I watch the food channel, and I am amazed how people can use everyday food and turn them into 5 star dinners. I find myself watching the food channel more than any other channel. I find the science behind plating food very interesting. Looking at how a certain shaped plate can raise the price you can charge for that food, gave me a better outlook on how I could make things better in the classroom with projects. I constantly think about food whether it’s going to the grocery store or going out to eat. The one thing I have found is that I tend to choose the foods that have the biggest orange sale sign on it, or look at the foods that are put on small displays right before you walk down the aisle.  Usually the food I have seen advertised on television is the one that draws my attention first. All of the aisles full of different foods of all different colors from different brands amazes me and make my eye wonder everywhere. Food just amazes me with all of different things you can do with it to the display of it in a grocery store, to the display at a five star restaurant.


Maxine W.


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