My Identity Through Food

Food has been a subtle, yet substantial part of my life. I was raised viewing food as a very important component. Food not only fulfills basic human needs and nutritional values, but it can also be experienced on social and emotional levels. Food is a huge component of society as well; it’s everywhere you turn. Whether it be fast food or fine dining, we’re surrounded by food. In nearly every celebration in every culture, food is used in some sort of way. Whether we’re popping celebratory bottles of champagne, or downing a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to mend our broken hearts, food is a constant reoccurrence in our everyday lives.

On a more personal note, one of the biggest importances in my family is taking time every once in a while to have everyone sit down, typically on an early Sunday evening, and have family dinner together. When I was younger, my cousins and I would always attempt to sneak into the kitchen while our grandma and our mothers would be cooking dinner to try to pick at the food they were making. As I got older, I was able to actually help make dinner which was a pretty big deal, as not many people were allowed in my grandma’s kitchen. The biggest honor of all was when I was actually asked to help cook Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving dinner, this was a huge opportunity to me.

Personally I would take a big, medium-rare steak with potatoes over any other meal any day. My dad does a lot of hunting so majority of the meat that we eat in my household does not come from any type of super mart, it comes from a ranch located in Maupin, Oregon. I’d say that this has shaped my life a lot, I believe knowing exactly where your meat comes from makes you a more conscious consumer. Its also very comforting because I know that none of the meat that comes from the ranch are filled with steroids, additives, or any other sort of foreign chemical. However, this wasn’t always the food I had growing up. My cultural background is Belizean and Romanian. My grandmother on my dad’s side had quite a bit of Romanian influence throughout her home so I grew up eating a lot of traditional Romanian food. Recently, I was able to explore my Belizean heritage a bit more when I traveled there for about a month last April. I was acquainted with family there that I had never met before and I got to see into what it was like living in Belize and being a part of that culture. The food was my favorite part, it was very interesting being able to compare and contrast Romanian dishes and Belizean dishes. I’m grateful for all of the diverse food I’ve been able to try throughout my life.


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