My Struggles With Food

The first time I ever really remember thinking about food was when I was about six years old, and I had just gotten my tonsils removed. I was not suppose to eat solid food for three or so days after but I refused to eat what I was offered and snuck some of my dad’s leftover steak the night i got home from the hospital. I got in quite a bit of trouble when my dad found out but it was worth every bite.

My life with food was always pretty normal, I enjoyed it just as much as the next person. Until I was eight or nine years old I always thought of food as something that was always around. Around that time me and my dad moved out of my grandma’s house and I realized that food was not always that easy to come by. For the next few years there would be days and days I would go without eating unless I had school that day. Eventually my dad finally won the fight with disablement/SSI and we had barely enough money to get by and eat everyday.

When I was fourteen I realized I was overweight . I had went from barely eating to eating like a normal person and that made my weight sky rocket . I soon started eating less and less due to an unhealthy obsession with my weight. Food had became my worst enemy. I went from having anorexia-nervosa to bulimia-nervosa to binge eating disorder. I fought my hatred(more like phobia) for food for a long time. It was not until I was 17 I started eating semi-normal again. Though I still battle with my anxieties about food.

Food is not a subject I enjoy to think about but it is something that must be thought about. It has controlled my life in so many ways since I was young enough to understand why we needed it. I actually study it more than most people would even think about it despite the way it causes me intense anxiety. I have seen and felt the different ways food can affect a person’s life. I hope to one day be able to teach people the importance of food especially healthy nutrient rich food but also teach young girls and boys how to deal with their insecurities about food and themselves. I want to use my experiences with food to help people going through the struggles I did, now and in the future.

Nowadays food is something I am able to look forward to once in awhile. Especially being a broke college student . You won’t see a bigger smile on my face than when someone mentions free food on campus which by the way there is always somewhere on campus to get free food. Though their are still days when I can’t stand the sight of food and have to force myself to remember food is vital for my health and it is not the enemy.

-Whitney Plantz


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