Personal Relationship with Food

Food to me reflects upon my culture as well as my up bringing. I was raised Honduras up until I was 11 year of age, in a family where women outweighed the men. Most of the women in Honduras followed the social norms of staying at home doing shores while the men are out at work. Growing up it was always seen as the women did the cooking and not the men. Men would usually eat first and women there after. To me this shows a great impact on how food was represented in my life. The culture that food brought into my life is significant. The smells, textures and placing of the food is all important to me.

While I was growing up I was always around the women in my household. Because I was with them most of the time, I became interested in traditional food cuisine. I learned how to make traditional dishes that my mother and female family members made. I was influenced greatly by them that I am now able to make these dished here in Oregon. Whenever I cook or consume these types of food I feel as if I have a little piece of home here with me.

Food to me specifically Honduran food brings back memories with my family. Food has been represented as a time for people to gather around and discuss things happening in their daily lives. It is a time when memories are shared and laughter is spread amongst one another.

Angel Martinez


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