Save Money, Eat Better, and Treat Yourself

       Food plays a huge role in my everyday life. When it comes to food, I think of my diet and constantly having to choose between maintaining a healthy weight or giving into food that would be a trade off between taste and health. This personal battle of mine is fought each and every week and I seem to win time after time so long as I have a consistent plan.

       However, this plan is only effective if I’m in school. It is also a great way to save money. Since I live at home and commute to school, I bring my own food which prevents me from spending money on expensive meals out. During the weekdays, I pack my main meal, which could be anything from a sandwich to ramen noodles. I’ll also throw in a bag of chips. The rest of my food consists of fruit, vegetables and I’ve started to bring yogurt mixed with granola to add variety to my diet. I pack different variations of my lunch so I don’t get bored of eating the same things every day. This tactic of mine forces me to eat the healthy food that I bring from home, and prevents me from buying fattening foods from outside places.

       I make it through every week eating food from home and I always reward myself on the weekends. This type of reward involves me treating myself to any food that I want. I can eat whatever I want without feeling guilty about it. I also don’t feel guilty about spending money. Rewarding myself for having discipline is the best feeling.

Gabby Galvez


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