The process of Food

The food industry and the factory process scares me. Thinking about it, I am uninformed on where the food I eat is coming from. I do not know, specifically of vegetables and fruit, the process of the packaging or the process of growth. I have a hard time buying food because I do not understand or know the full story. Recently, I have learned about the process of dairy farms and how the cows are treated to produce milk. For years on end, one female dairy cow will consistently be forced to stay pregnant to ensure her utters are always full of milk; which can cause a severe infection to the utters. Knowing one little insignificant step of the entire milk process has made me stop drinking milk.

The supply and demand process has destroyed the value of food and the life of animals. The respect of life is lost during the process of having meat with every meal. I do not eat meat from local grocery stores because I have been informed on how the animals are killed and treated in the farm factory design. Knowing more about the design and process of food has made me constantly question on where the food is coming from and how it got there. I love knowing where the produce has come from and being able to fully enjoy a beautiful meal without the feeling of guilt due to how the food has been processed. The process of food is just as important to me as eating the food itself.

Mikaelyn Sych


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