My Own Food History

Food plays a huge role in my daily life because I need food to keep my body functioning and to keep my mood better. I didn’t know how to cook, but I really like to eat. Whenever I am happy or sad, food will make me feel better. Even if I am full, I would still want to have some snacks or desserts. Once or twice a week, my food lover friends and I would gather together and go out for dinners to eat different kinds of foods such as Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, American, and all kinds of foods. When we go travel, we don’t like to go places for views, we like to dig for places that have tasty foods, and we can eat four or five meals a day.

Rice is definitely the food that can represents my culture. In China no matter lunch or dinner, you will see each person would have a bowl of rice in front of them with different kinds of foods. Since I was little, My mom always told me that I have to finish my food and can not waste food. Whenever I don’t finish my food, my mom and grandma would tell me stories of how people suffer from food long time ago, because they don’t have enough rice they would just cook the rice with a lot of water into congee. And some other people don’t even have rice for congee. And now there are still people in other places suffer from food.

-Huiting Chen


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