Food is Life!

For me food is like a drug called ecstasy, because routinely I need something delicious to fill the emptiness in my stomach. I think on average, I spend about $10 on food every day, I guess you can say it’s really bad because that’s about $300 just on food. Now before you start insulting me, here me out. I don’t know if it’s just me or other people are starting to realize this too but food has been really expensive lately, especially in Portland, like chicken strips at Dairy Queen cost me 8 bucks. Back to the topic though, I can eat all types of food ranging from Thai, Chinese, Mexican, American, etc. As long as it’s not vegetarian food, because there’s something in there that just makes me regurgitate it back up. Don’t get me wrong, fruits and vegetables are bomb but certain combinations are just foul.

Since I’m Vietnamese you can say I eat A LOT of Asian food, and to be honest I’m getting quite sick of it, and let’s just say this right now my mother is not a very good cook, that’s part of the reason why I eat out most of the time. Now I’m not trying to roast my mothers cooking or anything, I mean there’s some food that she can make like rice with beef and usually I questioned her if she bought it at a restaurant or not, but other times I took one bite and oh boy, let’s just say it was like a 5 year old trying to cook.

-Kevin H. Huynh


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