Food Is My Best Friend

Food has always been an important part of people’s lives. From bringing people together at the dinner table to staving off starvation, it has an infinite number of uses. Even the waste produced by food can sometimes be utilized, from corn husks to compost, food can do it all. But what has it done for me? Well, long story short, it has practically been my best friend since birth. Well-not really—but still, it has had a very important role in my life. For instance, food has always been about bonding in my house. When my father would call us to dinner, we would sit at the dinner table, eat, and talk about our day. This was vital to our family because out of all the other times we are busy or have other things to do, this was able to gather us at one single time to spend time with the ones we love. And I think this applies to much of the world. Food has so many purposes but the one that drives home to most is how it keeps us alive, of course, but simply brings people closer to one another. My heritage of the Mexican community also has influenced me in these ways. In my culture, food is something we take very seriously. One such example is The Day of The Dead. We celebrate the passing of our ancestors by garnishing their graves with flowers, gifts, and most importantly, food and drink. Without it, the Mexican history wouldn’t be the same. That is what food has done for me and my heritage and will always continue to do.


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