Food = Love

Food to me isn’t just a means of nourishment to me. It was a way to show affection and love. In my culture the words “I love you” was rarely said in the household but us kids just know that our parents cared by the food they provided. The action of putting food to our mouths and making sure we well fed meant the world to them, knowing that we are healthy and able to function because of the nourishment they poured into the cooking. Sure as kids we take this for granted, we would complain on why we couldn’t have a cheeseburger or to have them order a pizza. But as you grow older especially when you are out on your own for a while you can’t wait to have a bowl of your parent’s homemade food. The love and care your parents put into providing food makes a world’s difference in how the meaning of food means to me.

Growing up it was always my mother that made the food and I would see the effort put into it, making sure that not only we had enough to eat as a family but to make sure we enjoyed what we ate. She would endlessly ask how it was and continue to think on ways she can improve the food for us. My dad on the other hand never cooked for us, the only times I remembered him cooking was when my mom was in the hospital. The way he see’s food is that if we are fed then that makes him happy, he is a very hard man to get to show any emotion but we would no he cared if he asked “Do you want to go get food with me?”

-Danny Dat Truong


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