Foodie Foodie Fresh and Fruity

My entire life I have grown up to eating my dad’s food. He makes a variety of dishes, ranging from Indian curry, Filipino adobo, French fondue, grilled steaks, Chinese hot pot to racks of lamb. My father is a huge influence in showing me cultural foods and has taught me to keep an open mind when eating food. I’ve eaten foods that many people probably would never eat such as beef tripe (stomach lining), escargot (French sea snail) and balut (Filipino chicken/duck embryo). His love for food as been passed to me and I have learned how to cook some foods. I have cooked steaks, racks of lamb (seen above), Japanese ramen noodles and a spicy Korean tofu seafood soup called Soon Du Bu. This love for food has eventually caused me to think about my future.

I am a Business major in management, hoping that one day I can start my own business as a restaurant owner. I am currently working as a busser and host at the Old Spaghetti Factory and before that I worked as a breakfast attendant at the Hampton Inn. I have noticed that there are no Shabu Shabu or Yakiniku restaurants in Portland, and ones that claim to be are not authentic. Growing up in the California Bay Area, there are a lot of restaurants like that, sometimes mere blocks from each other. I would love to bring that culture of food to Portland and show that although Portland is the “Food Capital,” there is still more Portland can experience.


~ Eric Dacosta Manilla


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