My Food History

When I was a little girl, I always tried to sneak junk food to my room. I had a particular craving for sweets and fatty foods. It was never enough to just eat one fruit roll up, I had to have more. My parents would always provide salty snacks and easy to make food in our pantry. We would never have cooked meals and almost every night we would eat out. It became so often that we would eat out for every meal. Because of my parents’ rigorous work schedule, it was routine to expect them bringing home food from McDonald’s, Taco Bell, or any fast food restaurant. It soon became a serious health problem.

Through the years of growing up with this lifestyle, I have managed to develop some terrible food habits. I now struggle with weight due to the fries and ice cream being brought to the table each night. As I live my life now, I try to break these habits and eat healthier foods that fuel my body. I enjoy the different juicy vegetables and their sweet, bitter taste. I eat fruit almost every day with every meal. The hard crunch of eating celery and the smooth texture of tomatoes is extremely satisfying to my taste buds.

Food has shaped me into creating a better lifestyle for myself and it has provided me a way to be healthier. My different experiences with food while growing up has both hurt and helped me.

~Sam Saxton-Getty


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