My food history



Food has played a fairly large role in my life, for about as long as I can remember. I like to think that I don’t rely on food to relax or unwind, but eating a really good burrito after a long day can really do the trick. Most of my food preferences today are based on restaurants in Portland. Whether it be pho, burritos, burgers, or sushi, I can usually find something. An authentic Thai restaurant called Pok Pok is my favorite place to eat usually, and is only about 3 blocks away from me. Thai food isn’t necessarily my favorite or anything, the food there is just super good. Eating out is really a crutch for me though; I hardly ever cook for myself, and when I usually only go as far as boiling water.

When I was really young my parents didn’t have time to watch me during the day, so my neighbors took care of me during that time. Some days I hung around the people behind me who actually had a small daycare setup out of their house, but other days I hung around at my nextdoor neighbor’s house who happened to be a Japanese family. There I really started to learn about other foods and different types of things I normally wouldn’t try, not that I had tried much by this point, I was like 3. I was at there house a lot growing up, and their style of eating lots of fish and sushi-esque dishes made me appreciate different types of food from a young age. Especially raw salmon, probably my favorite sushi type dish. To this day Japanese dishes and sushi are some of my favorite foods.


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