My Food History

Growing up from a mixed family of Thai and Laotian, the food varies a lot from time to time. Often our family would eat different kinds of exotic food, and sometimes even the simplest meal of them all, rice and chicken. While I was younger, I didn’t really like that much food that my mom had made for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Mainly because I was a child that loves sweets and would rather prefer to eat sweets over anything. As I grew older, I was prone to actually loving all the exotic delicious foods that my mom has made for the entire family to eat. My favorite dish of them all would have to be this dish called “Nam”, which is also known as the Laos crispy rice salad. It is made with marinated deep fried rice balls, chunks of laos style fermented pork sausage called “Som Moo” and a bunch of other herbs, with fish sauce. It may not sound as appetizing as it looks, but it’s one of my favorite dishes of all time. I’m way more open to try new foods than I was before. When I was younger, I had a ton of food allergies. Those food allergies prevented me from eating anything, therefore lead me cause a lot of reactions on certain areas of my body. Fortunately, I grew out of my food allergies once I reached the age 14. Since I am  “Allergy free”, I just love eating and trying new foods from different cultures and different countries. Although it may not look good, just eat it!


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