My Own Food History

Everyone gets taught how to cook for themselves in some type of way or we wouldn’t be able to survive on our own. Luckily for me my Mom was the one to teach me how to cook. I learned early on that my Mom was the main chef in the house and rightly so. Before my parents got divorced my Mom was always the one to cook dinner between my parents. I learned why this was the case after my parents got divorced and my Dad would begin to have to cook dinner for my brother and I for half of the week every week. I quickly learned to appreciate my Mom’s ability to cook.

I always have liked to cook because I like to eat things that taste good to me and no one knows better about that than me. My Mom started to teach me how to cook harder things when I was in 4th grade because that’s when I started having thoughts of wanting to become a chef. I got to choose what I wanted to cook; the first thing I chose was manicotti. Manicotti is time consuming to make so it was a hard to start out with, but after it was finished and I got to eat it I understood that it was worth the process. Italian food is my favorite kind of food so that’s why I chose to cook manicotti. Even though I prefer Italian food I like to try different kinds of food even though I’m picky about what I eat. I don’t have dreams of being a chef anymore but I still love to cook and make different types of food.

-Dustin Harold



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