My Relationship With Food

I have always been a fan of many different kinds of food. In my house we make a lot of pasta and mexican food because it is quick and easy to make after getting home from work and school. My favorite food would be either steak or a medium rare bacon cheese burger. My best friend and I will make steak together for dinner and it always is a great experience. Since I’m not the best cook my friend will teach me how to grill and how to make dinners for myself. This will help me in the future when I move out of my parents house and I need to make my own meals.


During the day I eat a lot of snacks instead of single meals. That’s probably not the best way to eat but it works for me. It is mainly on the weekend where I stick to three meals a day with little snacking in between. Eating also relieves stress from homework so that makes me eat quite a bit more than I need to. Recently I have started to eat a little bit healthier by not drinking as much soda as I used to. Now I drink a lot of water or tea while having a Coke occasionally. In the future I hope that I can cut out sugary drinks entirely because I have been addicted to them for so long that it has been really bad for my health.


Food plays a big part of life in good ways and bad ways. I eat when I am bored which is a bad habit to have so that needs to change somehow. Though it may be unhealthy a lot of the time food brings people together when they make it together or go out to eat with each other.



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