My stomach. It Hurts.

When I’m hungry, I always feel more dramatic than other people about it. When I’m hungry, I wish I could just possess someone else’s body to check that they are full, and if they’re not, I’ll carry my spirit to another one. Food at the core to me is an energy resource. It’s a time grabber to restore myself and be able to do other things in the best possible version of me. The full warm bellied version of me. Who likes to study on an empty stomach? Who likes to do anything on an empty stomach? This is the main view I have of food. Yes, there are days where it’s used for social gatherings, family dinners, but usually, I finish my plate, give my thanks, and go finish a project or something else.

I have another view on food as well, and that is, the simple taste of it. When I’m hungry, I don’t really care about the taste, unless I’m really used to a certain food, and one day eat a poor version of it. I’ll be surprised if one day I taste a certain Russian soup that’s prepared in an unorthodox way, and I’ll just stare at it in sadness. Like, what happened? Grandma and everyone else never did it this way. It’s not the fact that it is different , it’s just that sometimes it’s bad to my taste buds. I welcome change, as long as I enjoy it.

The other side of food is that it can be an art. The plating is so important to me sometimes! You can have a delicious food look so disgusting if you present it wrong! You can make disgusting mold look really beautiful!

Nevertheless, food is energy, and I need it.


Nikolas Pahosmsky


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