Oh, My Dear Dino-Nuggets

Growing up food was huge to me, I would come home and be so excited for my fish sticks, or Dino-nuggets, stuffed potatoes, tater tots, or french fries. It was the highlight of my day! My dad would pick my brother and I up from out babysitters house, bring us home and cook us up some of our favorite food. Every child’s dream meal, every day.

Although I was living the dream, my body eventually resembled the dream. As a child being called “Big Mak” wasn’t my favorite nickname, my dearest Dino-nuggets betrayed me. I was taught to love sweets, and fried food. I battled with my weight for a few years, but I am actually glad I learned the “you can’t eat fried food for every meal” sooner than later. As a teen, and now I didn’t struggle with my weight which I am happy about.

Food is still a big part of my life though, although now it is focused on the preparation of healthy meals for my family and I. It is much more fun cooking healthy meals instead of throwing something into a microwave. My mom always says”Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” That phrase is common, but I think people need to pay more attention to the simple phrase. Today, so much of our live is focused around food, most of the activities that my friends want to do revolves around food, family event always have food, holidays, super-bowl parties, weddings, birthdays, graduation parties. Food, food, food.

The body requires little food to properly function, but who wants kale all the time? We all want to live the Dino-nugget dream.


Makenna Bell


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