Representation of Food!

My culture was presented to me in the form of traditional Mexican dishes. Since I was a little girl, my mother started vending the authentic food, to provide financial stability. I was surrounded with amazing smells all through out the day. Sitting in the table and looking at my mother cook brought me so much happiness, that it motivated me to help her cook and help eliminate stress from her shoulders. Being able to give my mother a hand, allowed me to become in touch with my culture and gave me the opportunity to see the art within the food.


Another way that food has played a role in my life is by bringing my family together. My dad worked most of the time and we would not see him until dinner time. When my mom would start washing her hands,start bringing the pans out, opening the fridge, and would turn on the music on the radio, that meant  that my dad was on his way, which meant dinner time. I would always get excited for dinner time, because I  enjoyed guessing what my mom was going to make for dinner and it would mean that I would spend the whole time smelling and wondering how so many ingredients could create a dinner for a family of seven. I would also get excited for dinner time, because for my family and I dinner meant quality time together as a family. since we would not see my dad throughout the day, food would be what brought us together as a whole every day.


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