Food starts and ends my day, and without food I cannot survive. I would consider food a top priority for me, not only because I will die if I go without for too long, but also because I love food more than anything in the world. It not only calms the tummy rumblings, but also becomes a way for me to create when I am bored. I started off with baking, I began to bake generic chocolate cupcakes with no frosting, for frosting was a skill I had not attained yet. Soon, my family began complaining about the lack of frosting, and I began to learn how to properly “burp” a frosting bag and apply it to the cupcakel. Frosting is where I learned how to make my work appear more professional than it actually was.  I started to ask for baking tools and cook books for birthdays and gift giving holidays. This was when I got a cupcake injector and started to experiment with different fillings to put the cupcakes. My mom’s birthday was the first day I experimented with filling cupcakes. I made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and cinnamon cream cheese filling. This was the first time that I realized food could be a new type of outlet to preoccupy me during long periods of down time like summer vacations or various different breaks throughout the school year.  From cupcakes I moved on to different dessert items. I made my first cheesecake, and even got my cupcake techniques down to the point where I made over fifty cupcakes in one night for a fundraiser for my speech and debate club. One territory I never wanted to move into was cooking. It was not until recently that I was forced, in a sense, to start to learn how to cook real food, and not just food you put in a microwave or conventional oven. Since then I have been experimenting more and more with food, learning how to saute vegetable and cook various meats. Although, I am still a bit timid when it comes to meats. Food has served as a way for me to learn new skills and find new love, and that is the role food has had in my life.

Octavia Wade


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