Food & Me

Food seems to be the only constant in my life. In a way, you could say that life revolves around
food. We work, earn a wage, allot time in our days just to prepare and eat food. And for one thing, I
know I can bet on being hungry at least once a day. And food is the only thing that can satisfy that need.
This isn’t the case in other things, let’s take boredom as an example; I can read, play video games, take a
nap, or find something to eat. See, it all falls down to food in some way. Adding to the awesomeness
that is food, it has so many different styles and appearances. If you like spicy, add some hot sauce. If you
want sweet, add some honey. For sour, add some lime. The possibilities are near limitless. That leads
into yet another great aspect of food; it brings out the creativeness in you, whether you want it or not.
Making your own food leads to creating a personal style. It might be something subtle like adding chives
to mashed potatoes. Or it can get complex like creating a weird, intriguing sauce to accompany a salad. I
see food as a gateway to free expression of your creativeness. And the end result will always be
pleasant; unless you try some really weird things, but even then, you had fun. Nice, disgusting fun. In
short, food is awesome due to many factors. It is a solution to a unique need (hunger), it brings out the
weirdness and creative side of you, and its reassuring to sit down and enjoy a nice meal you prepared
yourself. Which leads to my final point, food made by yourself just tastes better; that’s a fact. It might be
the small amount of labor that adds a sense of accomplishment or it’s just that you know what you like
so you cater to those tastes. Whatever it is, it will never stop making food great.

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