Many Worlds, One Stomach

Food represents life in all aspects, but It has come to represented culture and “the good times” in my life. Cake at birthday parties, turkey at thanksgiving, barbecuing on the forth of July, food has melded into American culture just like all the people that make up America. We are so lucky today that food from all over the world is just within and arms reach. I’d like to think of all the food carts in Portland and how each of them bring a piece of there culture to the mouths of all the Oregonians and foreigners alike. Food is everything in culture may it be a cure-all for any bad mood, a way to get the family together, or a way to express one’s self, food is a defining factor in culture.

Culturally, food has always been a thing that tastes good and brings family and friends together. Food was never uncommon at my Grandma’s house, there was always a pot brewing full all of what the filipino culinary world had to offer. Every Christmas we would have a whole cooked pig. This grotesque but delicious pig would still have the head and legs attached and would would last for about a week after the holiday.  Like wise my english family celebrates christmas with some type of poultry dish. Turkey or chicken would sit roasted on the main dining room table as a delicious looking center piece surrounded by a multitude of different garnishes with complimentary dishes.

  • Jack Merrett

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