Natural Foods

Growing up I had a great relationship with food but as I got older it became way more complicated to control. I wouldn’t say that food has shaped my life I would say that food has controlled most of my life up until now. I love to eat but when you become obsessed with food; it becomes nothing but a burden. Food has controlled me up to this point because I never know what to eat or how much to eat: if I should eat healthy or if I should cheap. I always choose the most fattening option and then I’m left feeling gross but every time I make the same decision.

Recently the food that I have incorporated into my life is 75 percent raw vegan and the other 25 percent is vegetarian. I chose to do this first because I don’t believe that my desires are worth more than an animals life. Second because I can eat whatever I want whenever I want because basically all I eat are fruits and vegetables. This also takes a lot of stress of me because I know what I can and cant eat. All my options are healthy so it takes off the burden of deciding what to eat.

Growing up I ate a lot of Korean American food. I watched my mom eat a lot of spicy kimchi; which wasn’t really spicy it was more fermented. Typically in Asian culture they eat small portions. Having my mom cooking Korean American food just meant that she was cooking food that had American sized portions. So as I grow up eating huge portions, that followed me until I got old. So I developed a negative connection with food.

By Violet Gibson



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