Homemade Heaven

Food matters to me. Food is made up of matter. Let me repeat: Food very much matters to me. Just like all things that occur in the phases of matter, food also exists as an organized composition of neutral, positive, and negatively charged particles. The explanation of how the positions of these particles affect the many various flavors we taste is something you could probably learn from a chemistry book. I would rather tell you my own beliefs of food; of which shan’t be proven “true” as chemical science is.

Food is filled with tons of good stuff that our bodies can utilize. At the same time, many commonly consumed foods contain ingredients that are quite harmful to our bodies. Many nutrients however, enable or benefit the function of our organs, and in reality, make us feel very different based on our process of internalization.

When I wake up on a Sunday morning and make the dank breakfast burritos for my crew that partied with me the night before, they are happy, and so am I. They stop focusing on the hangover pain. Our consciousnesses are redirected while our taste buds explode with flavor! Each bite is another step on path that returns us to the world of tone and harmony. Minutes from awakening to the smell of bacon and seasoned potatoes…You are feeling like  hash musician with a full orchestra of Southern California Style cooking.

What do I accredit the truth behind these bold claims to? The quality of the ingredients, The care in choosing the right tastes to bring together for the occasion, and the love applied while cooking. I learned this lesson well from an episode of Spongebob Squarepants where our yellow friend is challenged to a grill-off by King Neptune himself. Neptune pulls some magic bullhonky and flips a thousand burgers in a few minutes for everyone in the arena. Glorious and magnanimous as it is, the burgers are just plain awful and the audience refuses to finish their free meal. Meanwhile, the sponge sweethearts a precious little Krabby Patty into existence. He gives it to Neptune, who proclaims the burger to be so utterly delicious that he decides to declare Spongebob the victor. From there we see Spongebob teaching Neptune how to cook those scrumptious Krabby Patties. Remember, no magic, all love.

Ever since I began to learn the importance of loving every part of the food preparation process, I have continued to learn more and more about the foods we often eat and their effect on us and their relative combinations with other foods. My own cooking consists of fairly standard, well-known dishes, however, I have grown confident in my ability to make it all delicious because I take my time, I put care into each step, I watch carefully to see what is happening, and people tell me that my food is the bomb-diggity.

Now all this stuff has the benefit of being self-made; which adds a certain level of self satisfaction; I think the food tastes better when you work to make it. But what about those nights when you are already so tired, or the fridge is empty, or the dishes weren’t finished the night before, or by golly you just want to treat yourself… let’s go out! On any night of the week I would let the dishes stay clean and take a short walk down the block to my favorite taco shop. Taco Fiesta aka ” my church” is the place to go for all your true Mexican Food cravings. I have been loyal to my locals since I first tried their food when I was 5 years old. The workers are happy to see me (even the new ones), I legitimately feel like they make my nachos and burritos special, and I am practically addicted to the unique flavor of their hot sauce. Nearly everyone who steps foot in our apartment has walked to the corner of our block to try the famed Taco Fiesta and I have yet to hear any serious complaints.

It’s more than just food here, It’s a full-on living food culture.

It was a comparable kind of culture  that made the oranges on my Great Grandmother’s friend Pat’s tree so magically juicy and delicious. No orange anywhere else in the world has ever compared to the freshly plopped oranges from Pat’s tree. I will someday strive to grow fruits and vegetables like these in my own garden.

In all of its essence, I love food. I honor it, and I pray for my meals.


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