Farm Field Report

For our trip to “Our Table” we had to pick an area that we would like to redesign. I chose to redesign the community space because since Our Table is all about community I feel like that would be a great place establish the a sense of community. The current community space is small space […]

Tracking My Food

The first place I went when trying to figure out about my product is go to Wikipedia because as much as it’s not a factual reliable source it gave me a general overview of everything about my product. Then I listed the more important ideas and concepts; so that I can do further research. From […]

Farm Field Report

Driving up the farm the first thing you see is the entrance to the grocery store. It is the first impression of the farm that all its customers and those who wish to tour the farm see. The driveway is paved, but the place for parking and the most of everything else that surrounds the […]

Our Table Grocery Store

The place that I chose for redesigning is the grocery store of the Our Table cooperative farm. A lot of things stood out to me about the grocery store. The arrangement of the tables and food items, the structure of the grocery store and the entrance grabbed my attention. In fact, the method by which […]

The Our Table Farm Experience

During the Trip to Our Table Farm, I was tasked with picking one of three area and writing a small excerpt about it. I was to write about three things it’s what it is, Quantitative properties and its qualitative properties to fully capture the essence of what Our table Farm is and what it’s values […]

Ito En the Green Tea Journey of a Life Time

Ito En Green tea Ito En is a company that was created in japan back in the 1960s and has been and still is the most popular green tea distributor in Japan and some of North America. Green tea itself originates back 3000–4000 years ago in south east China. In the past, the green tea […]

Our table Entrance

At the entrance of the farm, there is a sign that has the Logo of the farm’s name with the description of “on-farm grocery” and an arrow pointing down the way to the grocery. Below on the same sign, they had something that I thought was important; the store hours. I realized that this was […]

My Time at Our Table

While touring Our Table, I became fascinated with their community gathering space. I figured that this space would be a perfect muse for my redesign project. The space itself was quite large and also quite empty. The social area is a big, open, 30 x 60 rectangle, directly outside of the store. There’s really not […]

Tracking My Food

Through tracking the origin of my food, I made a lot of fascinating discoveries. I chose to research the Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet pineapple. My search began in the produce section of Safeway. Among all of the fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce, I spied a huge pyramid of pineapple. Being that pineapple is […]

Our Table Visit

I chose to focus on the grocery store at our table. What I observed about the store was how the items were set up. The item didn’t seem to match how a typical grocery store would be setup . I noticed most of the items were stacked on top of each other. (Canned beans) The […]