Food is Life

Food is my life. Other than family, there is virtually nothing that makes me happier. My mother tells me that when I was very young I had a babysitter from Guatemala that would make me fresh beans and rice. There is no better food than good beans and rice. My favorite restaurant is in a town called Oakhurst. It is an authentic Mexican restaurant with the best beans and really close to best rice I have ever had. They have amazing chips and guacamole; their tortillas are really nice. If you ever go to Yosemite, you have to stop here first. It will be worth it. You could even look them up online I suppose. They are called Taqueria Plazuelas. I went there ritually for 3 years and went to the not-half-bad restaurant that was in the building before. There is nothing I look more forward to than good food. I also enjoy Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Thai food. I lived in San Francisco and my mother was very used to trying new things and always told me I couldn’t judge something until I tried it, so I tried every food I have had the opportunity to. I love Mango Lassis and any type of frozen mixed drink. There was another Mexican restaurant in Oakhurst that had half-decent food but amazing Horchata and a mixed watermelon drink and after skating after school in 7th grade, I got a watermelon drink, or if they were out, a Horchata every single day. I also love Baja Blast Freezes from Taco Bell. They make me happy.

-Chance Bendz


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