Food History Reflection

I was unable to make contact with my product’s company, Guayakí. Their hours were Monday-Friday from 8 till 5 and yet they would not answer. My research mostly came from the Guayakí website. They clearly state their objective about how they would like to continue selling Yerba Maté products and regrowing South American forests. The only articles about Guayakí products were either positive or just speculation. This led me to believe they may have been flagging detrimental articles due to some of the precise claims the speculators had. Nearly every question I had about anything related to Yerba Maté in general was linked to the Guayakí website. I could not find the source of the leaf itself other than South American Rainforest. The canned product that I was most interested in had no ingredients online and were known only to be the 7/11 offshoot of the healthy Yerba Maté company. I emailed several referral links for questions and concerns and have not received word since and don’t plan on a response at all. For a company that seems so transparent, it is rather peculiar how elusive information about their products was. Remember to drink in moderation because no drink this high in caffeine can be good for you and no “healthy” sugar should be over consumed. I do believe their organic tea bag products are as simple as taking a leaf and smoke drying it and putting into a bag, but the canned drink is where I become increasingly skeptical to the ethics in which are used in producing a “healthy” alternative to energy drinks.

-Chance Bendz



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