Food Tracker

The product that I chose was Kikkoman soy sauce. I chose Kikkoman soy sauce because it’s the soy sauce that I have always used. Through doing this project I learned a lot about soy sauce and the where it all started. Finding information about soy sauce wasn’t difficult. The only difficult thing about getting information about soy sauce was getting the origin of China creating soy sauce. I also learned through research that the reason the information is more word of mouth than facts is because of how long ago soy sauce in China happened. The Kikkoman website had a history of Kikkoman soy sauce section and a section for the origin of where soy sauce came from. I made sure I used other sources other than the Kikkoman website because they might make there soy sauce story better than it actually was. In a weird way I feel closer to soy sauce now because I feel like I know its whole story. To me Soy sauce was always an essential when eating rice and the research has only made it more important to me. Next time I see Kikkoman soy sauce in a grocery store I will know that it came from their San Francisco factory. I know the process it takes to make this soy sauce and I know all the ingredients that or used to make it. Also I now know that soy sauce started in China but it gained almost all of its popularity in Japan. I honestly think I can make soy sauce just as well as Kikkoman now.

– Dustin Harold


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