Choosing Value Over Price

Queen Califia…the name alone stands out from the various brands of almond milk displayed on the grocery store shelves. When I first saw this particular brand of almond milk I noticed how expensive it was compared to others, and figured it was probably just because of its appearance. This specifically, is what sparked my interest is knowing what made Califia Farms plant based milk so special.

As I make my way down the aisle though, it is no longer the design of the bottle or the name that captivate me the way same way as they did before. Although these are both admirable qualities, I now share something much more valuable with what some would consider a simple jug of milk. Through the extensive research and interesting discovery I was able to collect on Califia Farms, I now share experience with their product. It feels refreshing—comforting even, to find a company who is transparent in their goals and manufacturing process.

So, next time I approach the section of almond milk there will be no question as to which one I will purchase. I’ve come to realize that often times, spending an extra dollar or two turns out to be much more beneficial in the end. It’s great when you can get into the habit of valuing your health, but it’s even greater when you value the food you rely on to make you healthy. Because it is true, that you most definitely do get what you pay for. I hope that through his tracking assignment I can become more knowledgeable in terms of finding out and understanding where the foods I buy actually come from.    


About Carly Newberg

I drink coffee to stay awake, run to relieve stress and find my strength in God. I sometimes speak too loudly of the things I'm passionate about, and believe in good morals and modesty. Dark chocolate, vintage clothes, music and cool pens are only a few of the things that make me smile.

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