Dietz and Watson Smoked Gouda Cheese

Researching the process of Dietz and Watson Brand Smoked Gouda Cheese forced me to think about where my food comes from. Not many people would take the time to investigate into the background of the food they consume. Learning about the process Dietz and Watson undertakes to create their cheeses makes me feel safe knowing that their ingredients are all natural, GMO free and even founders of the Dedicated to Your Healthier Lifestyle Program that recognizes companies exceeding FDA and USDA standards. After researching about their cheese, I learned a little bit of their meats, mainly their sausages. In the middle of researches, I found myself craving slices of cheese and sausage.

When going into this research process behind a block of cheese, I thought it would be difficult. It’s cheese, so what? Cheese is made of milk, which comes from a cow. But this process taught me that cheese is made with a bacteria culture and that curds are pressed together to make cheese, which I did not know. I also learned that the factory used to create the cheese is based out in Corfu, New York.

While researching this company I learned that there is more good than bad about this company. Many companies such as Monsanto and many cosmetic companies have done unethical and immoral means to create their products, such as GMO and animal testing, respectively. The worse issues Dietz and Watson had to deal with were their factory burning down and a lawsuit against Boar’s Head Company arguing about whose meats are better.

~ Eric Dacosta Manilla


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