food reflection

I never realized that it would be so hard to get in touch with someone about a product. My journey was a little difficult to figure the information I needed to know. I tried to call the cheese company, but the number was long-distance, granted the cheese was made in Welsh. So the next step I tried to take was emailing them on their website, which said they would reply back to in a timely matter. I sent them a message two weeks ago and I have not received a message back till this day. The website of the cheese was very helpful in telling the history behind the cheese so I got a lot of information from there. Finding other resources was a different thing. Once again I forgot that the cheese did not originate from America, so it took awhile to find website that actually have information. though the process of tracking the cheese down was a little difficult, every time I look at the cheese aisle I will think about how many unique stories there are just on this one aisle. I will also look at the ingredients in foods more and pay attention to where certain foods come from. I have a new outlook on different food. I now find my self taking a step back and noticing all the different types of foods there are to choose from, and even wondering what is the story behind these items.

Maxine Williams


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