Food That Went to War

After walking to Safeway as a class and choosing a food product to research, I’ve found that the product I chose had clear information online. I made a phone call to the Hormel company but they were closed at the time. That didn’t matter though, because everything I needed to know was in the text online. I didn’t have to go through the frustration others encountered. My product was Spam, because it is best selling and original, Spam has made its way around 44 countries. Due to research, I’ve found that Spam has gone to war. George Hormel, the founder of a meat processing facility and Jay Hormel, his son, the creator of Spam has shipped over 15 million cans of Spam to the allied troops in the war. With Spam playing a huge part of survival in World War II, it has made a huge impact on Hawaii. I thought that was interesting to know because I’m from Hawaii. When I came to Oregon, my roommate thought that Spam wasn’t something “normal” to eat but i’m from Hawaii, we’re the #1 consumers of Spam. Now that I know exactly what Spam is and how its made, my perspective of it slightly changed. Spam is good, you just have to know how to cook it but it’s also bad because from research, I’ve found that canned meat has a higher risk of pancreatic cancer. Therefore, I have come to a realization that I should cut down on my consumption of Spam.

-April Mae Balisacan


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