King Harvest Hummus

It’s interesting to look into a product that seems so natural sitting in our refrigerator or in our cabinets. When we buy food we don’t usually doubt where it is from or what the words “Organic” or  “Local” mean on the packaging. It isn’t until we are looking into the process behind what puts that product on the shelve where the facts are revealed, good or bad. Assuming that “local” means in the near vicinity where the product is processes could mean different things to many people. When researching my food product for the Design and Society class, I learned a lot of interesting facts that I would not have known without further investigation. I chose the product King Harvest Hummus specifically because I was interested in learning more about a local company. I spent some time looking on the internet to find the basic information and I was happy to see just what I expected, a local company proud of their craft. After sending out multiple emails with no luck, I tried directly calling the main store located in Portland. At first it was hard to get a hold of someone but once someone answered I was able to ask my questions and get my facts straight. At King Harvests Hummus, all the products are grown generally local( all products of the USA), King Harvest prepares all the food on location and cooks ingredients that are not from a can and do not use preservatives anywhere is the process. I was a little surprised that the “Local” aspect only meant from the US and not locally grown around the Portland area. Over all I was pleased that my research led me to still be a big supporter of King Harvest Hummus.

Jessica Meylor




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